Blog Assignment by Wendell Yong

Leadership and Ethics

Ethical leadership can be summarized through two main principle theories (Frankena, 1973), deontological and teleological. Kant (1724-1804) has defined deontological leadership through right or wrong behaviours without consideration on the outcome. While Teleological leadership focuses on…

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The Challenge of Managing Diverse Teams

With good leadership, teams that manage diversity well tend to produce positive outcomes (Ibarra & Hansen, 2011). Diversity in teams is the key factor on how organisations today, compete strategically for new business. This key factor…

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Analysis of Leadership

Management versus Leadership Leadership is defined by the ability to influence someone to achieve the desired result through persuasion (Bass, 1985; Bess & Goldman, 2001). Good leadership goes beyond completion of task, it includes managing…

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Managing Change

Change Management Globalization has shaped organizations and individuals to embrace change. Examples of changes can be due to economic changes due to market globalization, technological changes, competitive changes (Weeks, et al., 2013). Anderson (1996) mentions if…

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My Vision of Leadership

As a situational leader currently, I feel that it excels within my scope of work as a Sales Leader. Sales is often described as an art and science aspect to it (Tracy, 2016; Dixon, et…

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